Haley Rowe-Kadow


There are two sides to me, there always have been.

When I was four, if you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have confidently said “a ballerina-firefighter.” I had a thing for hyphenating. Maybe it’s because of my hyphenated last name Rowe-Kadow. Half mom, half dad. Or that I’m a Gemini, the sign of the twins. Half clever, half cheeky. Even my imaginary friend had a double name, “alligator-monkey”, who, of course, was just as clever and cheeky as me. There are two sides to me, there always have been.

When you hear ballerina-firefighter, you think, “Aw cute, kid. That’s hilarious.” But I was a determined little thing, and I knew what I wanted. Making good on at least one of those things, I spent 10 years dancing ballet. Whether it was true love or just hard-headedness is anyone’s guess. The firefighter bit hasn’t quite come to pass, but who knows? These things have a way of coming back to you in ways you don’t expect.
When I was 15 I wanted to be head of a fashion magazine. I was a huge fan of Anna Wintour and wanted to follow in her footsteps as the editor-in-chief of Vogue. I soon realized that she probably drank from the fountain of youth, and I should consider a plan B. I settled for my second favorite magazine, NYLON, a funky publication that spoke to my irreverent, alt-girl side. In truth, I’m much more NYLON than Vogue anyway. As I’m sure we’ve all experienced, when you’re 15 and tell an adult that you want to be anything other than a doctor or a lawyer, they try to help you see the harsh reality of the “real” world. “Things are hard”, “there isn’t much money in that industry”, “you’ll have to claw your way to the top”, “magazines are a dying media”, and “artists are never famous until they die”. Sheesh. So, with much less gumption at 15 than at 4, I resolved (internally) that such a career choice was unwise, and I let the dream go. How silly of me to dream of such things? It’s not like I wanted to be a coal miner?!? (Now that’s a dying industry.) Instead, I chose to study more “practical” subjects, photography and sociology. Everyone knows there’s a ton of money in sociology…

Despite everyone’s warning, it was hard for me to keep from trying it out. In college, I wanted so badly to work for the school newspaper, The Revelle, and boy, did I; freelance writing, sports, and arts photographer, and even delivering the paper. Every morning at 4:30 am I drove my tiny Honda coup full of the latest prints, delivering them all around campus. It’s safe to say I got less sleep than is required for human functioning. I was slightly overcommitted to that silly little paper. I think that’s called “going big or going home”. As a rule, I usually do the former.

Fast forward to today. I’m still that cheeky girl with many interests and passions. (I’ve since learned they call that “multi-hyphenate.”) The difference is that now I know how all these little affections are actually more interrelated than I thought. All circling in around one big thing: my deep and unwavering interest in all things food. Writing and research from Sociology, photography, cooking, fascination with magazines – it all weaves together, bringing me here to New York to be in the food world. It’s like the movie Momento, you’re like, “What in the hell is going on?”, until the last moment when it all comes together and makes perfect sense. Though I’m still not exactly sure how the firefighter thing fits in.

you can check out my CV here HRK_Resume2022